What Is The Best Fabric For Outdoor Patio Umbrellas?

- Jun 15, 2020-

What is the best fabric for outdoor patio umbrellas?

There are three kinds of uv protection technology: one is to weave the fabric with ceramic particles to reflect the UV, to achieve the effect of uv protection. The second is the use of laminating laminating technology will be uv isolation agent laminating on the fabric, and will not change the fabric itself feel and appearance. But different fabrics themselves will restrict the absorption of uv function. So when choosing this kind of parasol, we can judge its uv protection performance from three aspects. One, pay attention to the ultraviolet resistance of fabric fiber itself experiments show that in the untreated fibers, * by the anti-ultraviolet polyester fiber, polyester fiber molecular structure of benzene ring have the function of the absorb ultraviolet light, chemical fiber nylon is viscose, rayon, etc., of nylon plastic uv resistance than polyester. Therefore, should try to choose polyester fiber as the raw material of uv umbrella.

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