Triangle Pillow

- Nov 24, 2020-

But lying down to play the phone is not only bad for the eyes, but also affect the health of the spine, and even cause back pain.

In the face of this situation, but also need a practical versatile triangle pillow, ease back pain, save the comfort of the mobile phone party. It is composed of a headrest and a back pillow. When we want to play with the mobile phone on the bed, we always feel the empty space between the back and the bed. And this triangle pillow can be used to cushion the pillow high, close to your spine, as in the SPA, and make our upper body slightly raised, no longer lying down uncomfortable playing mobile phone. This triangle pillow is also thoughtful design of a small pocket, you can put the phone when you want to rest, do not have to worry about where to throw the phone

Pink Triangle cushion6