Three Main Elements Of Pillow

- Mar 03, 2019-

Basic shape supporting the neck

The groove design is lower in the middle than the surrounding area. In addition to the moderate support of the head, it can also gently support the neck. The left and right sides are thicker and can automatically adapt to the height of the side of the human body when the body is turned over during sleep. Each part of this shape guarantees your ideal sleeping position. Pillow 5 basic shapes include 5 parts, (front, rear, left and right side and middle part), moderate support of the neck. Each part guarantees your best posture. Neck unit: gentle support neck Middle part: lower than the surrounding, in order to support the head. The sides are relatively thick, and the side turns over during sleep can automatically adapt to the side reference height of the human body.

Suitable height

Personally think that you can choose from 5 basic heights and more than 10 kinds of pillows. The human body sleep is actually the most comfortable when it is the same as the standing posture, that is, the human body needs about a 5 degree angle when sleeping. If you don't sleep on the pillow, at least don't support the head! Make your neck vertebral body gradually deformed! The problem of not sleeping on the pillow or the pillow is too low. "Qingdao Pillow" also said that the pillow is high, even if you sleep and rest for a long time, you can't rest well! This may be an important reason why you sleep long but feel old and tired!

Good filling material

The filling material determines the softness and efficacy of the pillow. At present, the trend is to choose natural materials, kapok, fragrant velvet, buckwheat husk, cotton, flowers, etc., you can also add good natural physiotherapy materials to increase the effectiveness of pillows, such as Chinese fragrant, lavender, huangjingzi, apocynum, maiden, Ginkgo biloba and so on. You can choose more than 10 different basic fillers and more than 40 kinds of composite fillers, so that the pillows have different elasticity, softness and natural effects, allowing customers to choose the right one. The pillows can be divided into soft pillows, hard pillows and neutral pillows according to different filling materials, which are convenient for customers to choose. In addition, the pillows are mostly soft and hard double-sided, etc. Customers can choose soft and hard surfaces according to their own preferences. Get into the dream quickly.