The Use Of The Cushion

- Oct 16, 2020-

The use of the cushion

With mechanization and the popularization of office computers, it is more and more common for people to work in a sitting position. Some sedentary people in order to prevent low back pain, often in the car chair, sofa, stool put a cushion for leaning on. The doctor reminds to say, use cushion for leaning on to prevent lumbago to also want exquisite method.

The doctor points out: cushion for leaning on must be put in the waist above all, put back is incorrect. This is because the lumbar of normal human body has 5 pieces in all, because physiological demand they do not grow on a straight line, show the front protruding before central however convex form, look from the side, lumbar resembles the small package with gentle slope. As a result of this physiology characteristic, lumbar, back cannot be placed in same plane.

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