The Side Column Umbrella

- Sep 30, 2020-

  1. The umbrella column is unilateral and independent, with 100% space utilization. Avoid the trouble and embarrassment of perforating traditional parasols in use.

2. Precision designed transmission mechanism and pulley system

3, the vent is formed with an umbrella, beautiful, and the umbrella base, enough to withstand the wind below grade 5.

4. Separate design of main body and seat for easy separation or combination

5, umbrella cloth can be easily removed, easy to clean.

6. Equipped with marble seat, iron bracket, surface electrostatic spraying.

Side column umbrella can be made into different pendant side (no pendant side, wave side, straight pendant side), widen the width of pendant side, thicken and thicken the umbrella bone, increase the marble base, different domestic or imported cloth, increase the height of the umbrella, etc.