The Shape Of The Cushion

- Oct 15, 2020-

The shape of the cushion

The shape of cushion for leaning on can be designed at will, it is square, circle and ellipse more. Still can make it of cushion for leaning on animal, person, fruit and other interesting figure, the style that also can refer to the style of bedspread inside the bedroom or sofa is made on the style, also can become a chapter independently. Because its volume is small, on making, want to notice its delicate and ingenious.

The face fabric of cushion for leaning on chooses material extensively, if general cotton cloth, flannelette, brocade, nylon or hemp cloth wait all but. Also can choose plain coloured cloth face, cut the design that oneself like from other fabrics or interesting design image to wait for seam to go up in its, do one's own work, its happy and harmonious, already economy, adornment sex is very strong again. The inner core can be filled with sponge, foam plastics, cotton or rags.

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