The Roman Umbrella

- Feb 21, 2020-

The Roman umbrella, also known as the 360-degree rotating umbrella, is one of the most powerful outdoor umbrellas. It can be rotated horizontally or tilted 90 degrees in the vertical direction. The Roman umbrella is the most creative and casual way to shade from the sun in the Chinese market. Easier to operate. Roman umbrella is through the handle control turn and lift, save effort and worry.

The Roman umbrella belongs to the side umbrella, but it and ordinary single side umbrella compared to its characteristics is the front of the umbrella tilting degree is large, the area under the umbrella is also large, because of this point, the overall structure of the Roman umbrella is firm and stable, the framework with aluminum alloy material, the overall design reveals the style of simple atmosphere. The umbrella cloth of Roman umbrella is made with thick and dense cloth, the effect of sunshade is incomparable, umbrella cloth and umbrella bone are one integrated whole, reveal give me whose domineering and general without two luxurious temperament.