The Material And Color Of The Cushion

- Oct 28, 2020-

The material and color of the cushion

There are a wide selection of materials for the facing fabric of the cushion, such as general cotton, flannel, brocade, nylon or linen. You can also choose a plain fabric, cut out your favorite patterns or interesting patterns from other fabrics, and sew on it. Do it yourself, it's fun, economical, and decorative. The inner core can be filled with sponge, pp cotton, foam plastic, cotton or rags.

The color of the cushion can adjust the atmosphere of the bedroom. When the overall tone of the room is relatively simple and single, the cushion can be made of bright colors with higher purity, and the bright color blocks formed by the cushion can activate the atmosphere. If the color in the bedroom is bright and rich, you can consider using a simple gray series of color cushions to mediate and coordinate the indoor color.

You can also choose cushions with relatively printed styles according to the interior decoration design style. It is distinguished by color and flower type to improve the coordination of interior decoration.

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