The Function Of Awning

- May 22, 2020-

The function of awning

Awning has a comprehensive function of external shading, can completely block ultraviolet radiation, reduce indoor temperature, reduce air conditioning load; Awning has energy-saving effect, awning, from the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, it is of great significance; Awning, while keeping out the hot summer, can reflect the strong sunlight in the form of diffuse light into the interior, so that the interior light is bright but not dazzling, and does not affect the landscape outside the window seen from the interior, extending people's living space from the interior to the outdoor, creating a new living space; Awning its awning cloth place has special prevent ultraviolet ray function, not only make human body skin avoids ultraviolet ray to invade, and extended the service life of indoor decorate and furniture greatly, awning has rich and colorful shade cloth pattern, color, user can choose according to need. Blocks up to 90 to 100 percent of the sun's ultraviolet rays

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