The Effect Of Color On Pillows

- Oct 27, 2020-

Color is the primary factor for people to understand things. For pillows, color is their biggest selling point. In a cold-toned home environment, colorful pillows can bring a very good adjustment effect. From the most popular fashionable colors such as orange, orange, blue, pink and purple, it can be seen that pillows with bright and moving colors are always the first choice. Of course, color matching is also very important. Stripes, grids, etc. will bring elegance to the home.

The use of pillows of different colors can also play a role in dividing the space visually. For example, if you like free space, you can completely connect the living room, dining room, and balcony at home, but just put orange pillows in the dining room, match the light-colored sofa in the living room with a blue pillow, and match the rattan chairs or seats on the balcony. With a flower-patterned pillow, then the three connected spaces with different functions appear to be connected and separated!

In addition, because the dark blue pillows and cushions have a strong court feeling, thick and elegant, with a strong nostalgic atmosphere, they are more popular. But because the style is more atmospheric, you should consider the matching effect with the overall color and style of the room when choosing.

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