The Beauty Of Decorative Pillows

- Jun 19, 2020-

The beauty of decorative pillows

There are many types of pillows. If they are distinguished by seam edges, they can be divided into whiskers, ruffles, wide edges, inner seams, piping, and braided edges. Different seams can show different tastes. Although the pillow is small, it can be seen as small. In addition to the materials and patterns, the pillows with different seam patterns also have different placements and matching types. The personality of the owner will also be revealed from the large and small pillows.

Generally speaking, the beard and braided pillows are suitable for classical furniture; the vibrant ruffles are naturally suitable for country-style furniture; the wide-sided pillows are both rustic and modern; if you want to have one, you can apply a variety of Pillows of style, so the non-conservative inner seam edge or piping pillow is none other than.