Source Of Beanbag

- Jan 09, 2020-

The couch is the result of an innovation in the design of comfort and ease.

In the 1960s, the original unified view of the design world rose waves, people began to doubt the previous those take for granted the design concept, trying to break through the tradition.

Amid the protests, Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro set up a design firm in Turin in 1965, trying to come up with a soft sofa that would satisfy both the comfort and the fickle youth of the day. They took inspiration from bags that dumped plastic waste to create a prototype of the couch. Originally made of 12 million small plastic balls, the beanbag sofa is cheap, versatile and can be used "in any shape, anywhere, on any surface".

In 1970, the lazy sofa (beanbag chair) was exhibited and collected at the "modern chair exhibition 1918-1970" at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Although the designer didn't set out to create a cult work, the elegant and comfortable beanbag sofa was. Since then popular classics, a symbol of The Times.

In 2001, beanbag furniture "lazybones" "beanbag" the name enters China, with a kind of hippy and lazy form lets a lot of young people flock to. The beanbag furniture that had been improved again attracted the eyeball of countryman. JOMANA from England not only continues the lazy and comfortable beanbag, but also combines fashion with luxury and elegant elements to create "beanbag" life.