Sofa Cushion Material

- May 13, 2020-

The material of sofa cushion basically is cotton cloth, plant fiber or inside use wool to make it, in order to increase the comfortable sex of sofa. High-grade sofa cushion should use the density in 30 kg/cubic meter of foam foam foam, back cushion should use the density of 25 kg/cubic meter of foam foam foam. In order to improve the comfort of sitting and lying, some foam is still in the premise of ensuring not to reduce the density, did soft treatment, some are installed in the seat cushion inside the vertical spring, so that the sofa has a higher resilience and anti-aging performance. Below general circumstance, after human body sits down sofa cushion is best with sag 10 centimeters or so.

There are many kinds in the market, mainly including cotton, wool, flax, chemical fiber, plant fiber and so on.

All cotton has all cotton quilting, sofa cushion often someone is in above activity, quilting can not easily make sofa cushion out of shape. In addition, quilting can have many patterns, and the patterns have the effect of embroidery. This product is very popular among people.

Plush: there are several kinds of plush, such as coral plush (hair length), gold viscose velvet (bright color), short plush (soft and delicate). This can also be combined with quilting.

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