Type and material of sofa bed

- Oct 06, 2020-

All kinds of furniture stepped into originality to change gradually, tidal current changed track, sofa also undertook folding type accordingly transform. Here are some pictures of a double fold-up sofa bed. These fold type sofa suits to be placed in the place such as sitting room or bedroom, study, it can undertake the conversion of bed and sofa freely through folding, use rise more human nature.

What cushion sofa bed assumes in most cases is the function of sofa, because this the quality of cushion is very important. Cushion material cannot be too slippery, flexibility should be moderate. Nowadays the sofa bed cushion with better quality and cushion for leaning on adopt nylon belt and snake spring cross net to weave the structure more, layering matting high elastic foam, spray rubber cotton and light body foam. This cushion bounces well and makes you feel comfortable to sit on.

The fabric that bed covers sofa bed to cover normally gives priority to with cloth quality, ought to thick and wear-resisting, rise ball not easily.

Additional, tell from the exterior, the sofa bed design and color variety on market is various, no matter be modelling, color or design, should combine bedroom original style tries to choose, ability makes bedroom whole style is harmonious and unified.

folding sofa bed (2)