Shopping Tips

- Jun 13, 2019-


If you buy any sofa, you should try to sit. When you are sitting, you should grasp the softness and suitability. If you are too soft, be vigilant. A sofa that is too soft is not necessarily a problem with quality, but the "falling feeling" makes it easy to become a "sofa potato."

The easiest way to judge whether the sofa is good or bad is to sit for a while. If you only move three times in an hour, this is a good sofa; a good sofa can hardly feel the existence of the sofa, but you can feel strong support; Good sofas generally have a zipper on the bottom, which allows you to open the inspection spring and the stuffing; the sofa is comfortable to sit in various postures, and it will be deeply trapped when sitting cross-legged; the ordinary seat will be soft and moderate; the good sofa will be heavy However, leather sofas are generally heavier than fabric sofas; good sofa springs are subject to noise reduction.

Furniture brand

Lazy sofa is a hot new furniture, everyone is still discussing how to determine this product. At this time, the choice of furniture brand is still based on the previous experience of purchasing. A good lazy couch should be a priority.

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