Seat Cushion Material And Color

- Jan 16, 2020-

The facing fabric of cushion chooses material extensively, if general cotton cloth, flannelette, brocade, nylon or burlap are ok. Also can choose plain coloured cloth face, cut the design that oneself likes from other fabrics or interesting design image to wait for seam to go up in its, begin work by oneself, its pleasure is harmonious, already economy, adornment sex is very strong. The inner core can be filled with sponge, pp cotton, foam, cotton or rags. The colour of cushion can adjust the atmosphere of the bedroom. Be in indoor total tonal more concise when oneness, cushion can use the bright-coloured colour with a few higher purity, the bright-coloured colour piece that forms through cushion will active atmosphere. If the tonal inside the bedroom is more bright-coloured and rich, can consider to use the cushion of concise gray series color, will mediate coordinate indoor tonal. Still can decorate according to interior design style to choose design to print relatively cushion. Distinguish by color, pattern, improve the coordination of interior decoration.