Roman Umbrellas For Recreation

- Nov 06, 2020-

Roman Umbrella: A member of the umbrella family, the most powerful outdoor sunshade function, can rotate 180 degrees or 360 degrees; suitable for more leisure places: swimming pools, parks, coffee shops, etc., the overall feel It is casual and comfortable; in addition to being used during the day, it can also be used at night (designed to be illuminated)

The styles of Roman umbrellas are mainly round and square, and can be divided into single layer and double layer in structure; and the umbrella cloth color also has a variety of choices (dark green, wine red, beige, etc.), giving people a visual enjoyment; Of course, it is also possible to print when purchasing, which can spread the information, which is more choices for businesses.

The two core umbrella fabrics and umbrella frames that make up the Roman umbrella are made of good materials and all indicators meet national standards; the umbrella fabric cannot be torn, and the umbrella frame can resist wind and rust; avoid problems during use