Roman Umbrella Features

- Jun 29, 2020-

Roman umbrella features

Roman umbrella, according to the needs of sunshade, it can rotate 360 degrees in the horizontal direction, or stretch to 0-90 degrees in the vertical direction. Using a rotating umbrella to shade, this is the most creative and casual shade method on the market. The area under the umbrella is wide, and tables and chairs can be placed casually; the direction of the umbrella surface can be freely rotated, and the sun can be blocked at will. Compared with other umbrellas, the Roman umbrella has a better shading effect, and the operation of controlling the rotation and lifting by the swing handle is more convenient, saving effort and worry. Compared with the side pillar umbrella, it is characterized by a large inclination in front of the umbrella and a large area under the umbrella. Because of this, the overall structure of the rotating umbrella is strong and stable. The skeleton is made of alloy materials. The overall design reveals a simple atmosphere. 

Roman umbrella