Pillow Making Materials

- Oct 27, 2020-

Pillow making materials

Pillows can be divided into cotton, peach skin, silk and other pillows according to the materials they make. Pillows of different materials give people different feelings, and different people will also favor pillows of different materials. It is generally believed that peach skin pillows are soft and comfortable.

In summer, the best pillows should be made of pure hemp fabrics. The strong moisture absorption and breathability of hemp fibers can be called air-conditioning pillows in summer. There are also more high-end silk fragrant cloud yarn pillows, which are used for pillows. The material is superb, silky and cool.

Pillows made of hemp fiber fabrics and silk fragrant cloud yarn fabrics can be used in summer, especially in the humid and humid areas of the south. It will feel more comfortable, unlike holding ordinary cotton or chemical fiber pillows, which are hot, humid and warm. feel.