Performance Of Particles Filled With Epp Lazy Sofa

- Jun 04, 2020-

Performance of particles filled with epp lazy sofa

Although there are many types of particles for lazy sofas, they are not as good as new environmentally friendly epp particles in performance. And compared with many materials, epp particles are more environmentally friendly, safer, more comfortable to use, and resistant to dirt and washing.

The first is environmental protection. Most of the lazy sofa foam particles have a certain degree of pollution, containing a certain amount of organic compounds, which will precipitate out and be scattered in the air during use, causing indoor air pollution. The epp particles are foamed with carbon dioxide, and no harmful gas will be released during production and use. The material can be naturally degraded, unlike other foam particles, which are not easy to degrade and cause great environmental pollution.

The second is safety. The flame retardancy of epp particles reaches B1 level, and the high temperature resistance does not deform at 140 degrees Celsius. After being ignited by an open flame, it is extinguished from the fire, which effectively guarantees the safety of use. It is not afraid of high temperature bodies such as cigarette butts in the lazy sofa.

Then comes the comfort. The elasticity of the epp particles is very good, and the resilience is also good, which means that the particles will not be crushed and deformed by long-term use. The epp particles are resistant to compression and impact, with long service life and high comfort.

Then it is water-repellent. The water absorption rate of epp particles is very low, which means that even if water is splashed on it, it will not be absorbed. After the water is evaporated and dried, the performance of the particles will not be affected. Changes.

Lazy sofa filled with epp particles can get better comfort, better resilience, high flame retardancy, non-toxic and tasteless, and it is very safe and environmentally friendly for household products. In addition to lazy sofas, other household products can also be made using epp particles, such as floor mats, home furnishings, stools, and so on.