Parasol Function

- Apr 23, 2019-

1. Skin. When the skin is exposed to excessive UV rays, it will damage the epidermal cells; activate tyrosinase, accelerate pigment synthesis, destroy the moisturizing function of the skin, make the skin dry, damage the elastic fibers in the dermis, and cause fine lines. Under intense exposure, it can also cause skin irritation and burns. When there is an abnormality, it becomes pigmented skin cancer. So sun protection is not just to prevent blackening, sun protection is very important.

2. Eyes. Ultraviolet rays mainly cause damage to the cornea, crystals and retina of the eye. UVA in the ultraviolet rays is the "aging" ray emitted by the sun, which is the culprit leading to wrinkles and cataracts in the early years. UVB is the "burning" ray of the sun that can cause cancer and eye cracks in the eyes and other skin. These rays are stronger in summer. In addition, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light may cause macular degeneration.

3. Hair. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet light reduces the physical resistance of the hair, making it easy to fork and break. The color becomes lighter: as long as the dyed hair is exposed to the sun for a day, the hair color will be reduced by 40%, and the hair color will obviously turn yellow. Ultraviolet light not only causes the hair to lose too much moisture, but also breaks the protein chain structure in the hair, causing the scales to lift and peel off, making the hair rough and yellow.