Outdoor Sun Umbrella

- Nov 28, 2020-

The sunshade umbrella is the most common type and the most used one. The most common size is an umbrella with a height of 2.4 m and a surface diameter of 2.4 m. The umbrella pole of the sun umbrella is generally two sections, two sections are set together when used, and fixed by the middle buckle. One of the biggest controversies about sunumbrellas is the price. Now there are 60 or 70 yuan of umbrellas on the market, there are also more than 100 umbrellas, regardless of the false quotation, the price is determined by the quality of umbrellas. First of all, umbrella cloth is an important factor of the price. There are nylon cloth, acrylic cloth and other kinds of umbrella cloth. Besides, the umbrella cloth of the same material also has different amps. The second is the difference of the umbrella ribs. The sun umbrella has a single strand or a double strand, and the double strand has a cross structure, etc. The materials and techniques are also different. Therefore, 726970678_768726970687_830