Outdoor Side Umbrella

- Oct 21, 2020-

Side umbrella is also called unilateral umbrella, is a popular outdoor furniture sunshade products in recent years, it has some of the following details.

Quality of side parasol:

Support material: aluminum alloy support (surface electrostatic milky white spraying treatment), the fasteners used in the umbrella are stainless steel screws, marble base;

Fabric: 385G Yassiri cloth (waterproof, anticorrosive and sun-shading);

Common colors: wine red, dark green, rice white more than 70 colors to choose from;

Main characteristics of lateral umbrellas:

1. Single side independent umbrella column, with 100% space utilization rate;

2, the precise design of the transmission mechanism and pulley system, one person can easily open and close;

3. The vent is formed with an umbrella on the umbrella, which is beautiful and matches with the umbrella stand;

4. The body and the seat are designed separately, which can be easily separated or combined without any tools, making it easy to move and handle;

5. Umbrella cloth can be easily removed and cleaned;

6. The structure adopts high strength aluminum alloy support, which can not only provide shade and rain shelter, but also be a high-grade outdoor advertising carrier.

Side column umbrella in the umbrella extends the space, scientific structure, excellent material, beautiful and generous simplicity, can match all kinds of furniture, it is mainly used for parks, commercial plaza, villa, community, tourist attractions, bars, coffee shop, restaurant, home, star hotel, golf and other leisure place, for you to create a pure and fresh and natural and comfortable recreational space, but high-end outdoor advertising carrier again at the same time

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