Membrane Structure Four Attention

- Oct 12, 2020-

Membrane structure four attention

Membrane structure has been used in more and more fields, such as shopping malls, transportation facilities and landscape gardens. Whether it is a mall or a community, parking sheds are essential. In order to ensure the safety of everyone, the unstable construction of the parking shed will cause a lot of accidents. Therefore, the following four points should be paid attention to when making the parking shed:

The first point, membrane structure bike shed a whole frame is made of square steel welding forming dragon framework, overall framework do antirust processing, brush anti-rust primer three times, senior automotive paint, surface spraying white bike shed main pillar generally use 220 mm steel pipe or i-steel bike shed support column, carport and overall structure strong earthquake wind coefficient is high, corrosion resistance;

Second, the top sealing plate of the parking shed with membrane structure adopts the tan (color can be selected) sunlight plate to seal the roof, which is riveted with the whole frame of the car shed, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and strong enough to protect the vehicles inside the shed.

Third, membrane structure bike shed internal use Φ 38 galvanized pipe and carport frame welding, strengthen the intensity of cedar-wood, can let a relative sense capacious and bright, the parked vehicle easily, completely conform to the requirements of making the bike shed specification;

Fourth, 10mm thick steel plate is used to firmly weld the embedded parts at the bottom of the vertical column of the membrane structure parking garage. When the parking garage is installed, the embedded parts are poured with concrete, and then connected with the vertical parts by bolts. The high wind resistance coefficient increases the overall firmness of the parking garage, which can withstand the typhoon of level 12 or above.