Membrane Structure Characteristics Of Carport

- Oct 09, 2020-

Membrane structure characteristics of carport

Parking lot planning and construction become an important part of modern urban planning, becoming more and more important. The light and unique shape of membrane structure plays an important role in the construction of parking lot and waiting hall. In addition to meeting the basic functions of weatherproof and sunproof, it also has a good sign attracting effect, showing people's personalized side.

The carport materials are imported structural building materials. Carport frame, surface treatment with imported Marine primer, bingenate polyurethane topcoat.

Membrane structure service life and characteristics: membrane structure of the awning material is membrane structure, and the biggest characteristics of membrane material is high strength, durability, fire retardant, good self-cleaning, not affected by ultraviolet light, long service life, generally 15-30 years. It has a high light transmittance, with a light transmittance of 13%, a thermal reflectance of 73%, and little heat absorption. It is because of the invention of this epoch-making membrane material that the membrane structure carport has become a modern permanent building.