Main Uses Of Parasol

- Dec 11, 2020-

There are two kinds of parasol for women and for men. For women, shades of pink, purple, ice green, light blue, color and other light colors are more common, while for men, shades of business style, such as black, navy blue, dark green, dark red, etc. The important indexes of sunshade are UPF (UV protection coefficient value), size, weight, handle material, fabric material, frame number, folded length, etc. Generally, the higher UPF value is, the stronger uv isolation ability is. The larger the size, the larger the area under the parasol.

When buying a parasol, make sure it has a label that says it is UV resistant, which means it is actually UV resistant. Of course, there are also dual-purpose parasol that are both rainproof and UV resistant. The label is usually sewn into the inside of the parasol near the inside of the frame, or the price tag indicates UV resistance.