Lazy Sofa Style

- Nov 17, 2020-

Lazy sofa style

A stool is a stool, tall, short, square, round, log, plastic, how can it be said that it has no shape? But now a "lazy bone" pops up abruptly. The shape you want depends on what shape you want to adjust. is it possible? Recently, many colorful and different types of stools and other products have appeared in shopping malls and specialty stores in Yangcheng. These special cushions, cushions and pillows are labeled "cheese", "lazy sofa", and "couch pillow". "The good name, this discovery is really exciting.

In the corner of the small space and the large space, in the corridors of the large and small rooms, you can create a space of your own according to your own wishes. It is indispensable to place a "lazy sofa". This is a feeling, completely relaxed, with some gentle, simple and free breathing. At this time, you can spread the books on your hand, or you can take a ray of time, and interpret your own thoughts.

The shape of the "lazy sofa" is a large padded cloth sitting bag, and the outer layer is mostly leather or canvas. Styles and colors are extremely individual. In order to allow the head to rely on, designers usually design the "lazy bones" into a pear shape. When you sit down, it will evolve into a backrest chair according to the shape of the human body. The most important thing is that no matter how you sit down, You can find the most comfortable and relaxing way to your body, which can be described as "unchanging and comfortable." There is also a more common shape that is oblate, which looks like a thick "sponge cake" when laid flat. When sitting on it, it is as fun and comfortable as sitting in blisters. Among them, there is a kind of rope that can be adjusted to cute shape.