Lazy Sofa Style

- Jun 03, 2019-

Children's pie: free toss free to sit

Compared with adults, children may prefer to sit on the ground, in a low position or climb or sit. Therefore, the lazy sofa suitable for children is a regular sofa, which is more suitable for children. Free mind.

Technology school: fabrics are more oil and stain resistant

However, the lazy sofas in the past were mostly fabrics, while the lazy couches continued the colorful features of the past, but the slightly lazy couches were still more suitable for girls.

Practical: Handle for easy movement

The fabrics and fillers of this lazy couch are imported from Italy, and the sitting and body touch are very good. After sitting up, it feels a bit like the buckwheat pillow that I have slept in. The wrap is particularly good and the hardness is slightly harder than other lazy couches, so don't worry about sitting completely without shape. The handle design on the top of the sofa is very user-friendly, which makes it easy to move the sofa. The color is mainly elegant and needs dry cleaning.