How Does The Sofa Cushion Match Look Better?

- Jun 23, 2020-

How does the sofa cushion match look better?

1. Choose according to the sofa color

If your sofa is light-colored, you may wish to buy a dark, neutral, and decorative cushion! If it is a color sofa, you can choose the same color cushion, if it is a two-color sofa, choose two colors with a sofa Cushions.

Second, according to the living room environment

In addition to determining the color of the sofa, you can also determine a main color according to the living room environment, cushions and carpets can be determined with the main color. How to determine the main color?

(1) Decorative painting

If the decorative painting is in black and white, then cushions and carpets can also be matched with black and white geometric patterns.

(2) Chandelier

If you have a personalized chandelier, it is also very beautiful to choose the cushion color according to the chandelier.

(3) Carpet

If the carpet is selected well, it can also be determined according to the color of the carpet.

(4) Large ornaments

Porcelain sets, vases, small sculptures, etc. in the living room can be used as large ornaments. If you choose according to these, cushions should be in harmony with the color of these ornaments.