Fabric Selection And Use Of Outdoor Umbrellas

- Nov 20, 2020-

Outdoor umbrella, because the design at the beginning is mainly used for the aristocratic courtyard shade, so it is also called the courtyard umbrella. View of the modeling, effective sunshade effect, cheap outdoor commercial advertising is more conducive to his continuous promotion.

Scope of application of various leisure places, coffee shop, villa garden, terrace, tea sit, lawn, outdoors, beach, bar street, commercial street, the guard property, the lake fishing, friends BBQ, best sunshade, tourism supplies, outdoor umbrella is your ideal leisure shade, beautiful house also help you become a beautiful scenery line.

The darker the fabric, the better. Outdoor umbrellas are coated with a layer of silver glue to block ultraviolet light. Although the protective effect of the silver glue surface is good, it is easy to turn black after sunlight exposure. In fact, the silver glue coating inside or outside does not affect the sunscreen effect. It is best to choose the silver glue inside, which is not easy to fall off.