Cushion Cover For Leaning On The Collocation Of Pillowcase Cushion Cover

- May 11, 2020-

leaning on the collocation of pillowcase cushion cover

1, cushion cover material selection color varies from person to person. The cushion for leaning on of brunet design is covered elegant, suit to decorate luxurious household. Colourful cushion for leaning on, suit the room of contemporary style. The cushion for leaning on of warm color attune is covered, suit old people to use, cushion for leaning on of cool color attune design is used for young people more, the cushion for leaning on of cartoon design is covered deeply children love.

2, the design that cushion for leaning on covers can be multifarious, 1000 appearance 100 states, can be alone cloth color even, want to be able to rise harmoniously with whole bedroom environment on colour only.

3, indoor present a large area if present a large area of white, the atmosphere lacks a sense of jumping. At this time the color of cushion cover can not be too bright, dark blue, deep green, red, etc.

pillowcasecushion cover (2)cushion cover (3)