Classification Of Car Pillow Functions

- Oct 26, 2020-

Car pillows are mainly classified according to their functions and their styles.

Classification of car pillow functions

The functional classification of car pillows is mainly classified according to the person, including car neck pillows, car headrests and car lumbar pillows. Different types of car pillows can all play a role in relieving fatigue during driving, thereby strengthening the protective effect. It is a guarantee for the health of car people.

Car pillow style classification

Many different styles of pillows have emerged on the market. Cartoon-type pillow: A cartoon-like appearance is added to the function of the automobile pillow, which can fully play the role of decorating the car.

Bone pillow: The bone-shaped pillow can effectively buffer the impact of car bumps on the head and neck, and play a good role in protecting the head and neck.

Space memory foam lumbar support: The arc shape is designed according to the principle of ergonomics, which perfectly fits the waist, gives good support to the body, and has a good relieving effect on lumbar pain.