Canvas Pillow

- Oct 14, 2020-

Canvas pillow as its name implies is a pillow made of canvas refined, small and lovely pillow can bring convenience to our life, in addition, canvas pillow varieties, designs and colors are complete.

1. Feature Editing

Canvas throw pillow is the most characteristic of bright colors, made of good elasticity, deformation, breathable, strong color fastness, environmental health, wear resistance, green environmental protection is beneficial to the body.

2.Canvas pillow Filler editing

80% of the pillows are filled with PP cotton, which is soft and comfortable and cheap.

3 Status Editor

The pillow is to the home what the handbag is to the fashion world. Although the throw pillow is not a necessity in life, it has become a necessity in today's life, with decoration and entertainment playing a dominant role. Provide ceaselessly as life savour, small canvas holds pillow to change also amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds rise.

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