Between An Ordinary Parasol And A High Quality Parasol, What Should The Restaurant Choose?

- Dec 14, 2020-

First, if you have a good outdoor umbrella, will you choose to sit outside the next time you come?

A survey of 1,000 consumers showed that 52% of them would choose to sit outdoors, 30% would choose to sit outdoors, and 18% would not

In 52% of the customers' affirmative answers, 80% of them believe that eating or consuming in a business that provides outdoor umbrellas makes people feel happy and can get closer to nature. Especially summer, can again bask in at the same time appreciate scenery, relax the mood!


Second, when consumers are shopping, do they really pay attention to the outdoor umbrellas outside the restaurants?

Among them, 15% of consumers are very concerned, glancing at the umbrella when they see it, 63% occasionally glance at it, such as when it is very beautiful or bad to look at, and 22% never pay any attention at all.

Third, a good outdoor umbrella must not fade

In the eyes of consumers, what is a good outdoor umbrella?

On a scale of 5, the beauty (color fastness) : 4.66. Safety (umbrella quality) : Shading performance (effective against ULTRAVIOLET) : 4.42

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