Bean Bag Introduction

- May 03, 2019-

The photographer can put the camera on the bag and play the role of a camera.

Since the bag contains a lot of particles, the shape can be changed with the camera, not only the stability is good, but also the angle can be changed at will, which can not play the role of the tripod.

The winners of the British Wildlife Photography Awards, "Bean Bags" are indicated in the parameters of many works. It can be seen that the bean bags are still very practical when shooting in the wild.

In some cases, the bean bag is better than the shelf. For example, in a car, there is no need for a bean bag to use a shelf effect on a vibrating object.

Fujifilm has introduced a practical camera accessory, the bean bag. At first glance, this strange thing is thought to be similar to the mobile phone seat, which is specially designed for camera placement. Actually, it can be used for the most. If you shoot in a condition where the light is low and the illumination is very low, the shutter speed is slow and it is easy to cause shaking. At this time, it is best to use a tripod for shooting. However, it is always inconvenient to carry a tripod every time you go out, and it is easy to load and unload, and it is easy to miss the wonderful shot. At this point, the bean bag is your best helper. The bean bag is filled with beans, soft and soft, and the camera is very stable on the top. The compact size is specially designed for small cameras from Fuji, which can be easily placed in the bag. When you go out to take pictures, put the bean bag in the right place, and put the camera on it is very easy to use. At home, if you want to use the digital camera as a camera, you can put the camera on the bean bag and it is very convenient to fix. This bean bag will be available in the UK, the price is not cheap, but friends who like DIY can also find some beans to sew one by themselves, which is cheap and good.