Appearance Of Outdoor Banana Umbrella

- Jul 14, 2020-

                     appearance of outdoor banana umbrella

Banana umbrella surface umbrella cloth uses professional polyester fabric. Research shows that thick umbrella surface fabric is better than thin UV resistance. Generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics have poor UV protection, while polyester Better, polyester fabric has the characteristics of waterproof, sunscreen, colorfastness, and strong UV resistance. A variety of umbrella fabric colors include dark green, wine red, beige, water blue, dark blue, brown, orange, dark yellow, green, etc. And the umbrella surface has a glossy color and it looks pretty and lively. The company logo and pattern can be silk-screened on the umbrella surface, the printing is realistic and clear, and it will never fade.

The banana umbrella stand umbrella pole and bending rod are made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy. The octagonal design makes it better in stretching performance, strong in wind resistance, hard to break, or deformed by extrusion. The electrostatic sprayed surface can withstand The wind blows the sun, does not fade easily, affects the appearance. Our skeleton parameters are as follows: octagonal aluminum umbrella rod 48MM, octagonal aluminum curved rod: 42MM, oval iron umbrella bone: 13*22MM.

Banana umbrella seat   Our umbrella seat uses a special water tank base, which is 6KG before water injection and about 55KG after water injection. The design of the combination of main body and seat makes it more stable. The traditional marble base is expensive in transportation and easy to break. It is bulky and inconvenient to use, and the water chestnut is easy to hurt. Our water tank base is very convenient for transportation and use. It is pressure-resistant, drop-resistant and anti-aging. The corners are all curved in design, which will not hurt people.

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