A Long Pillow For Multiple Use

- Mar 13, 2021-

Long model hold pillow can be said to be one of the commonest types, its biggest characteristic is sleeping outside still can use in other all sorts of uses; Whether it is holding sleep, or occasionally want to take a nap on the sofa, scratch a mobile phone, reading books, lazy watching TV, as long as the folding bending wrapped body, can use a variety of comfortable posture to relax.

If the pillow is long enough, it can also be used as a double pillow. It is also suitable for accompanying children to nap or for couples and couples to enhance their relationship. And the design of thicker cylinder column, when watching TV or reading, it is convenient to support back more, carry a foot, all sorts of occasions in the life can play excellent function. Although the long strip can not fully fit the curve of the human body, but still from the material aspect of the hand, such as ultramicule or polyurethane pillow core can improve the degree of clothing.