Teak furniture

- Jul 03, 2019-

Teak furniture is also a kind of solid wood furniture, but it is the top grade of high-grade furniture. Teak itself has different grades of material. The high-grade teak furniture such as old teak has rich surface and strong lubricity; the surface reveals the color of the planed surface through photosynthesis, which is oxidized to a golden yellow luster; the ink line is delicate and rich. The low-grade planting teak has a dull color, lacks oily feel, and is mostly used for making flooring materials, so the color of teak flooring is generally dark. There are very few teak furniture in the market. There are very few teak furniture in Thailand. The old Thai teak pomelo can be determined. The vast majority are only teak frame furniture or teak veneer. Other parts are solid wood but not teak. It is called teak solid wood furniture. Some other parts are not solid wood but MDF.

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