Sofa bed type

- Jan 10, 2019-

The sofa bed on the market has two folds and three folds, which can be divided into a fold that flattens the back of the chair and a drag type that is stretched and stretched by the slide rail. The folding and unfolding process of the bed frame is easy to operate. The sofa bed after the disassembly is very delicate and not clumsy. It is generally nearly one-half smaller than the area used as a bed. The comfort of sitting on it is no different from that of a real sofa. The design of the sofa bed is also varied. For example, with a storage sofa bed, one side of the sofa can be used as a storage box, and the cushions can be taken down in the storage box, that is, combined into a sofa bed; some sofa armrests can be placed into a bed at 90 degrees, and the mattress is composed of The chair is pulled straight out; some are double sofa beds formed by flipping the sofa seat, etc. I believe there is always a match for you.