Sofa bed material

- Jan 01, 2019-

The bracket sofa bed is generally a hardwood or metal bracket. When selecting, observe whether the welded portion of the bracket is smooth and free of voids, and whether the coating is uniform and soft. In order to experience whether it is firm or not, you can use your hands to shake the sofa bed back and forth, and if you feel stable and there is no noise, the bracket is firm.

A spring-loaded sofa bed, like a bed, has a spring attached to the bottom of the bed. The sofa bed, which is mainly made of plastic frame and foam, is prone to deformation and is not suitable for purchase. The spring of the sofa bed should be soft and moderate, and the spring balance should be balanced. You can lie on the sofa bed and feel comfortable when you are lying on your back, lying on your side, or turning over. In addition, there should be no sound when a good spring supports the weight.

Most of the sofa beds in the joints need to open the folding bayonet or pull out the chute when the sofa is "transformed" into a bed. Some sofa beds are also equipped with pulleys at the bottom to facilitate the owner to easily transfer the position, so the "joints of these activities" "It is also a key part of the sofa bed. When you purchase, you should push or pull the sofa bed many times, and feel that it will not be stuck when changing at different angles.