Sofa bed cloth

- Feb 10, 2019-

The cloth should be seen whether the fabric is tightly attached to the inner filling, whether it is flat and flat, especially the two handrails and the joint of the seat and the back should be natural and without creases. If it is a round and semi-circular handrail, it is necessary to see whether the arc is smooth, plump and beautiful. The fabric of the floral pattern or the checkered pattern depends on whether the flower shape of the splicing is consistent, whether the square is horizontal and vertical, and there is no inclination or distortion. Finally sit down and try it out. I feel whether the inclination of the seat, the back or the curvature of the back seat are the same as the waist, back, buttocks and leg bends. Is the height of the pillow and the back suitable? The arms naturally extend and open in the usual time; the sitting feel is comfortable, and it is free when standing up. Stand up and look at the fabric on the buttocks, backrest and armrests for pleats that are noticeably slack and can't be recovered for a long time.