How can choose to buy a good quality umbrella?

- Sep 30, 2019-

The umbrella design nowadays is various on the market, material also is multifarious, make a person dazzling, do not know how to begin.So how to choose to buy a satisfactory umbrella?

Tip 1, look at the frame of umbrella:

The wind resistance ability of garden umbrella is mainly determined by the pole,rib and the base of the umbrella.Generally, the frame and base stronger, the umbrella will be more stronger on the wind resistance.At present, there are five kinds of materials used for umbrella in the market: wood, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and new composite materials such as glass fiber tubes.Wood material requirements are strict, the process is relatively complex, and the world's governments and environmental protection organizations prohibit deforestation, resulting in higher and higher costs, and easy to damage, the market decreased year by year;Because of the particularity of outdoor environment again, and aluminium is light, not rusty, not easy to be out of shape,easy to powder coated and matching furniture,also the price moderate, so aluminium umbrella is used extensively by the market.

Choose and buy wood umbrella please follow below steps: First,choose pole and rib of umbrella are relatively big and stronger.Second, choose woodiness to compare hard and outdoor use not easy burst, such as teak wood, Kempass Wood, camphor wood ect, of course the price of these wood is expensive, if the umbrellas are used for commercial or public place, choose the hardwood that umbrella pole and rib is big and stronger.Third, choose the pole and rib no or few wormholes, stumps of wood are small also not so many.

Choose and buy aluminum umbrella/iron umbrella/stainless steel umbrella please follow below steps: First, choose the pole and rib of umbrella are relatively big and stronger.Second, choose the tube wall thicker, or if the umbrella material and size same,choose the whole weight of umbrella frame heavier.Third, choose surface treatment of relatively high quality, not only powder coated,but also oxidation treatment, preferably not easy to scratch, weather resistance also good.

Umbrella base is generally made of iron, cement, marble and water or sand injection etc, the choice varies from person to person.

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