Outdoor tent purchase

- Apr 23, 2019-

Tourist tents should belong to collective equipment and are owned by those who regularly participate and often have actual needs. Newcomers can participate in some activities and have some experience before purchasing according to their own needs. The choice of tents is mainly based on the use, considering its design, materials, wind resistance, and then consider the capacity (can sleep a few people), weight and so on.

Ordinary camping tents are mostly yurt-style, 2-3 carbon fiber poles, providing better rain resistance and certain windproof performance, and better ventilation. The four-season account or the mountain account is mostly tunnel type, with more than three aluminum alloy poles, and there are many auxiliary designs such as nails and windproof ropes. The materials are more durable and durable. But many alpine accounts are not rainproof, and they are usually heavy and not suitable for outdoor weekends (except in extreme winter environments). The climatic conditions in the spring, summer and autumn of Beijing are not too complicated. The main features in winter are high cold and strong winds.

The choice of tents mainly considers durability, wind and rain resistance. Good three season accounts include EuroHike series, Holiday and so on. Due to the structural design flaws, EuroHike is not very windproof (depending on the skill of the camp). Holiday is a classic four season account, but somehow it has been discontinued. Most of the products on the market are fakes. In the winter, the mountain account is mainly used. At present, there are many brands on the market, and there are many mixed fishes. The marking performance is excellent, but most of them are fakes. Fake goods don't always mean low quality. Sometimes you can pick a product that is worth the money. It requires vision, patience and luck.