Outdoor tent camp

- May 13, 2019-

When camping, don't worry about using the camp. If you want to complete the cover in the shortest time, sometimes it will cause the crack of the camp column or the looseness of the metal ring. It is best to carry a three-inch long aluminum alloy tube for use.

Different manufacturers have different designs for battalions, ranging from six to eight inches, T-type, I-type or half-moon, and spiral-shaped bats for hard ground, rock or snow. Of course, the trunks or branches near the camp, the roots of the trees can also be nailed.

After the camp is built, the items that are not needed are put into the tent cover. The loose joints of the camping poles must be tightly covered with tape. If the tent loses some parts, the tents will not be combined. If you want to have a good dream in the mountains, it is best to pay attention to some seam points, such as corners, camping joints, etc., and strengthen them, even if there are no problems in the bad weather.

The corners of the tent should be fixed with ground nails. Before going to sleep at night, check to see if all the flames have been extinguished and whether the tent is fixed. Before the tents are folded and cleaned, they should be wiped clean after drying. During the snow period, they can be wiped clean with snow blocks. Do not stain the sleeping bags, or put the tents upside down and wipe them clean.