How can choose to buy a good quality umbrella?

- Nov 11, 2019-

Tip 2: Focus on the pole and the rib connector of umbrella:

For Metal parts: the sleeve of the wooden umbrella, the screw of connecting the umbrella rib, priority is given to 316/304 stainless steel;

For Plastic parts: umbrella plate and the connector of rib, preferential choice of industrial nylon material, because nylon material resistance to high temperature and low temperature, whether in the tropical or cold regions, are applicable and performance is not affected;Choose ABS material next, choose PP material finally.

Connection reinforcement treatment: it is best if the connection of  long and short rib of umbrella are reinforced, such as the inner casing tube or outer casing tube.Wind resistance and fall resistance are better than normal.Service life will also be extended.

Middle column connection: preferably stainless steel and thicker wall.

Tilting device: although the umbrella equipped with tilting device has advantages in shading,but it is easy to become loose and damaged in high wind, which will affect the service life of the umbrella.

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