How can choose to buy a good quality umbrella?

- Nov 12, 2019-

Tip 3: Focus on the top of umbrella:

High quality umbrella should have function in anti ultraviolet ray, anti rain and high anti wind, so the best way is choose the fabric of umbrella which has done UV resistant and water proof, second choose more dense or per square meter gram weight relatively heavy, such as 240~320gsm.Usually the fabric of umbrella made with polyester, Oxford, canvas, acrylic, oliphen etc.The sunshade and anti-corrosion performance of polyester are better and the price is relatively affordable, if polyester with PA or PU, UV coating, will be more good for the umbrella.Oxford is more waterproof, Canvas is liable to fungus, Olefin and Acrylic color fastness to light is high but the price is also high.

Choose UV umbrella mainly focus on the fabric.The expert introduces, prevent ultraviolet ray technical measure to have 3 kinds altogether: one kind is mix ceramic particle when fabrics spin to reflect ultraviolet ray, achieve the effect that prevents ultraviolet ray.The second is the use of laminating lamination technology will be UV isolation agent on the fabric, and will not change the feel and appearance of the fabric itself.But different fabrics themselves will restrict the absorption of UV function play.So when choosing this kind of parasol, you can focus on the following three aspects.

1) expert experiments have proved that polyester fiber has the best UV resistance among untreated fibers. Benzene ring in the molecular structure of polyester fiber has the function of absorbing UV. Polyamide fiber in chemical fiber, namely the rayon and rayon in nylon rubber, has the lower UV resistance than polyester fiber.Therefore, we should try to choose polyester fiber as the raw material of UV sunshade.

2) the thickness and tightness of the fabric have a certain impact on its UV resistance.The thicker the fabric, the better the UV resistance, and the closer the fabric, the stronger the shading ability, the smaller the UV penetration.So should choose as far as possible thicker polyester for umbrella.

3) fabric color

Test results from the Chinese academy of metrology showed that the darker the fabric, the lower the UV transmittance and the better the UV protection.So should try to choose dark fabric for umbrella.In addition, also need to recognize anti - UV performance label.According to the national standard, only when the UPF> 30, and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5%, it can be called an anti-ultraviolet product, and the protection grade is labeled as UPF30+.When UPF>50, it indicates that the UV protection performance of the product is excellent, and the protection level is labeled as UPF50+.