Bean bag purchasing tips

- Dec 20, 2019-

The happiest thing after work is sitting on a lazy sofa with a mobile phone, watching movies, reading books, meditating, snoring, taking a nap, watching the traffic outside the window, bright lights, bustling downtown, or enjoying the warm winter sun quietly...

So how to buy a high-quality lazy sofa?

1、Choose from sitting feeling and experience!

Sitting down, the whole person is trapped, just like the whole person is wrapped up. It is very comfortable to lie down and lean on. If you want to lie down, you don't want to feel up, so comfort is the first choice.

2、Choose from the fabrics

The fabrics used by lazy sofas are relatively diverse. Commonly used are: cotton, linen, polyester, shaka, oxford, PU imitation leather, PVC imitation leather, suede, plush and so on. The cotton lazy sofa is soft, breathable, natural and environmentally friendly, and is very close to the skin. It is one of the most commonly used on the market. Linen and denim fabric lazy sofas are more wear-resistant, not easy to wrinkle, fade, ball, and prevent static electricity; fleece fabric lazy sofas are soft and delicate, stylish in appearance, and dustproof and stainproof, but easy Static electricity. For home use, choosing cotton and linen will have better feel and comfort. For outdoor use, it is more appropriate to choose fabrics that have waterproof and UV protection functions, such as polyester cloth and Oxford cloth. If it is a lazy sofa with a small size, a non-woven cover with good breathability can be used for the inner cover. If it is a large size or outdoor use, it is recommended to use polyester mesh for more ruggedness.

3、Choose from the filler particles

bean bag generally use EPP particles and EPS particles, 3-5mm in size, because these particles have very good fluidity and strong resilience, which generally has the effect of enclosing people. For finer cotton or flannel fabrics, you can also choose finer EPP particles, which will have better durability or comfort. Here we especially recommend EPP particles, which are environmentally friendly and odorless, and can be used for up to two years. After two years, some filler particles can be appropriately added and used again.

4、Choose from craftsmanship

Check the sewing process and see if there are double lines without pressure at the big interface, whether the pitch is reasonable (not too sparse or too dense), and whether there are jumpers. Whether the zipper is strong and smooth. Is the zipper head with a safety lock to prevent children from opening it randomly or is it just a regular zipper.